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Summer reading

I'm reading lots of free books on Kindle. Most recently, I'm reading a romance/new adult series called The Space Between.

There are (lots of) kinks to be worked out, but this is one of the better self-pub efforts I've come across.


I'm doing a happy dance...

because things are nearly normal again! Except for the slow connection and the red nose, that is.

I still have no internet at home, and

I'm still going to work despite this lingering cold. Some colleagues are not exactly pleased to see me since I stopped the cold remedies!


Holding on to Humour

Sad stuffCollapse )

When I saw the colleague this morning, after some banter (started by him), I asked, "How's your family?"

He didn't miss a beat when I he answered, "Smaller."

I couldn't help it: I grinned. I wanted my jaw to drop in shock. I wanted to sputter or blush or something. But I did none of those things. I grinned. And when he started to tease me about how I should be reacting to his wicked behaviour, I laughed and laughed and laughed.
At 87 and 104, respectively, Wallace Lee and Sadie Hargrove Sims “are a love story to behold”.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
JK admits Harry should have wed Hermione

"I wrote the Hermione/Ron relationship as a form of wish fulfillment. That's how it was conceived, really," Rowling says in the interview. "For reasons that have very little to do with literature and far more to do with me clinging to the plot as I first imagined it, Hermione ended up with Ron."

Lunches seized from kids in debt at Salt Lake City elementary
Education » School officials cite unpaid balances on students’ meal accounts.
By Lisa Schencker | The Salt Lake Tribune
First Published Jan 29 2014 05:29 pm • Last Updated Jan 29 2014 11:06 pm

Up to 40 kids at Uintah Elementary in Salt Lake City picked up their lunches Tuesday, then watched as the meals were taken and thrown away because of outstanding balances on their accounts — a move that shocked and angered parents.

Read the rest here...

I’m sorry. You’re calling them “kids in debt”? These children are primary-school aged. They aren’t old enough to (legally) hold jobs. They aren’t supposed to be held responsible financially, and the way this school handled their outstanding accounts was not only wasteful, it was also disgusting in the way it humiliated these children. Children damn it!

What the fuck kind of adults do that to children?!?!?!?


Happy Birthday, petulant_sb!!

petulant birthday boy
Hope you're not TOO miserable today, Brat.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


"Vacation" 2, Day 5

Today I decided that I was going to go ahead and anchor the bookcases to the walls. I had grown tired of using chairs to prop them up, and I told myself I didn't care about possibly putting extra holes in the walls if I still wanted to move them to the TV wall some time in the future.

I stepped out into the rain (it was still warm at the time) and headed for the nearest hardware shop to buy butterfly drywall anchors because the building I'm currently living is old-ish, and I don't know precisely what's inside interior walls, but I'm fairly certain that there are no wood studs. As I trudged through the rain, I silently cursed the electrician (who is also head maintenance for the two towers that comprise my apartment complex) for once again failing to show up to make a new electrical outlet as agreed.

I was on the path leading to the gate I needed to reach the hardware shop – nearly parallel to the eastern edge of the second building (several feet across from my building), in fact – when I heard someone calling to me. I glanced over, and I could see Head of Maintenance Guy standing at the central entrance to the second tower.

"Are you going to be home now?" he called.

Of course not, you idiot. I'm walking in the opposite direction to my apartment, I thought.

"I can be," I said aloud.

Long story short, after several hours during which his assistant cut a hole in my wall in the wrong place, forcing them to (rather than re-cut the hole in the right place) punch several more (but smaller) holes in my wall in order to guide the wiring to the place where we wanted it, and they both left for an hour and a half, leaving their tools here (and ensuring I couldn't in good conscience leave) and a big mess, I now I have an electrical outlet where I needed it.

I used the time when they were gone to swap spaces for my refrigerator and my "baker's rack" which holds a very large microwave oven and a very large toaster oven. I also moved my range because I learnt it was moveable whilst watching the men fiddle with my wall. Then I swept and mopped the floors. And then I swept and mopped them some more.

The guys came back, apparently shocked that I'd moved everything on my own and in so "little" time.


You were gone for 90 minutes!!

But, they patched my wall, cleaned up and promised to come back Monday to paint.

"You'll still be on vacation, right?" asked Head of Maintenance Guy.


"Oh. Well, in that case, I'll come alone," he said. "I know you don't like my guys in your apartment when you're not home."

"Thank you," I told him, actually meaning it despite having cursed him earlier. Then I slipped him $50 and closed the door behind him.

Needless to say, I haven't made it to the hardware shop, and with the weather rapidly worsening, I rather think I might not at all today.

'Cause I'm waiting for a package. Again. And USPS tends to deliver anytime between six minutes from now and four hours, six minutes from now.

"Vacation" 2, Day 2, take 3

Baking was interrupted several times by phone calls, but at last I finished.

And I think it came out pretty well.Collapse )

“Vacation” 2, Day 2, part 2

Ran into Jorge, the electrician who was supposed to make another electrical outlet for me two weeks ago. He said, “Oh, hey. I forgot about you!” and suggested coming over tonight to do the installation. He asked only that I make a workspace for him.

I dropped my other projects – including visiting Steve in hospital (yes, he’s in hospital again) – and did as Jorge asked.

Jorge didn’t show up.

Jorge didn’t call.

I’m making banana bread. Again.

"Vacation" #2, Day 2

It's 11:40 a.m. and I have

• washed four loads of laundry (I found several more rugs and two boxes of bedclothes and towels, etc. during my on-going unpacking)

• watched Eddie the maintenance man repair the broken electrical outlet

• listened to Eddie the maintenance man's advice about stabilising the bookcases

• forgotten to eat breakfast

• moved three chairs (which will not be living in the places where I've put them for now

listened to heard Daddy's five lectures about asking for help moving heavier pieces of furniture

• ignored Daddy's advice, to my back's ire

• pulled out ingredients for more banana bread

• ignored ingredients for more banana bread

"Vacation" #2, Day 1

I moved the bicycle and several of the remaining unpacked boxes, and I assembled the largest of the bookcases. I've got three more to put together, but upon moving a box full of books (and the largest of my vintage – actually, this one is a full-on antique – typewriters), I discovered a broken faceplate for an electrical outlet. Maintenance people should come tomorrow to replace it. After that's done, I'll assemble two more of the bookcases.

Unfortunately, I have not yet decided where the final bookcase should go. It was going to live in the kitchen/dining area, but I am having third thoughts. Since it's highly adjustable, I might use it to hold the TV and use the vintage cabinet currently holding the television for something else. Because right now, the beauty of the vintage cabinet is overwhelmed by the huge black rectangle sitting on it.

Fortunately, I discovered that I have far more space in the living room than I'd realised. That's got me excited and tempted to buy yet another bookcase.


Family Stiffs Restaurant Server On $100 Bill Because They ‘Did Not Agree With Her Lifestyle’

Do people really think doing this again and again is right?

UPDATE: Signs are pointing to this having possibly been a hoax. Internal investigation on-going at the restaurant.
I was.. sad stick man

But I just looked up from my work to one of the giant TVs hanging in the newsroom... and I saw this

[Hallowe'en Adorableness]

— so, I am now happy-stickman-th.
Same-sex weddings can begin pending appeal, N.J. Supreme Court rules

No stay of the initial ruling allowing same-sex marriages to start 21 October!! This means weddings can go ahead, as planned, beginning Monday.

(I think this probably means I'm going to be invited to a few more weddings this year.)

HP Fic “Lost”

I came across a gift story I sort of remembered writing, but couldn’t remember posting anywhere or even why I wrote it. It would have fitted nicely as a dream Lessons in Metempsychosis and Saṅsāra

Turns out it was Time Keeps On Slipping, which was originally posted at hpcon_envy and a couple of people asked me to write more.

At the time, had too much on my plate. However, I think I might one day incorporate it into Metemps, somehow. But in the meantime, it seems I’ve never posted it here.

Until now.

Read Time Keeps On SlippingCollapse )

I'm on the quiz!

sshg art quiz featured author banner

Play the quiz and find me!
I'm betting this is going to be another late night for some of us.


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